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Welcome to St. Joseph's at Fleming

At St. Joseph's at Fleming, we believe that care and compassion are essential in fostering sanctity of life. That's why our primary concern is to create a home for our Residents where they can be given the best possible care in an environment of personal worth and dignity.

Our Resident and family-centred approach reflects the importance we place on treating our Residents with love and respect. We believe that when we welcome a new Resident, we embrace their family as well so we have worked hard to ensure that St. Joseph's at Fleming is a warm, friendly and accessible environment for everyone concerned. A home enriched with hope and companionship by the surroundings of our thriving community.

We understand that each Resident is unique and encourage individual choice, family involvement and personal growth. Incorporating the principals of both the Eden Alternative™ and GentleCare® philosophies, our dedicated staff and volunteers are committed to providing meaning to the everyday lives of our Residents through the integration of animals, plants and children, as well as a strong program of multi-denominational, spiritual care.

Our committed and professional attending physicians, nurses and nurse practitioner are equipped to offer all levels of care.

The Eden Alternative
Gentle Care